Services We Provide

Website Development
We develop professional looking and user friendly websites. Built on premium themes and responsive designs.
Logo & Branding
Our team includes top logo designers whom have a successful portfolio of work to their name.
Domain And Hosting
We purchase your domain and host your website FREE for one year. Our hosting package is second to none!
Search Engine Optimization
Our websites are search engine and user friendly. We place your site into Google and three other popular search engines.
Traffic Reports
Track how many visitors are clicking on your site. This is information we can deliver on a monthly basis.
Web Copy Text
From information you provide we will compile unique, relevant & search engine friendly text for your web pages.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Web Star Solutions Will Put You At The Front Of The Pack

The web is where its at, no doubt about it! In today’s day and age prospective customers expect to see a website. Aside from face to face interactions websites are often the first point of contact, with this in mind YOUR website must hit the mark. This is where we will help your shine like a star on the world wide web.

  • ­Experienced website development team.
  • ­Your website will look fantastic on all devices!
  • ­Your web pages served up to visitors at lightening speed.
  • ­We handle startup and setup including domain purchase and hosting.
  • ­We will develop a beautiful website for you!

We want to make your experience with us enjoyable and straightforward. There are no hidden charges or annoying monthly fees. Your website will be developed with a premium theme insuring the site not only looks great but will be accessible across all devices: mobile, laptop, PC and tablet.

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February 27, 2018

Website Templates and Themes

Templates These are designs coded in HTML and CSS and can be purchased and used for website development. All website pages follow three core layout features. These are top, middle and bottom. Often referred to as header, content and footer. A website template will have these core elements programmed. Thereby speeding up the design and

February 25, 2018

What is a Web Developer?

In a nutshell a person whom works building websites. The quality of the web developer will depend on age and experience. With age comes the experience and the more sites that a developer builds the more knowledge they will gain. With this knowledge it can then be applied to future projects thereby extending the breadth

February 25, 2018

What does a web designer do?

Initial Concept Using a brief provided from information from the client. The first stage is to think about the general look and feel that the client requires. This includes colour scheme and position of main navigation used to guide a visitor through the website. Does the design require one, two or three columns? Will the